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What is Expanse?

Expanse is a scalable PaaS designed to execute large volumes of http requests, and subsequently run custom C# validations on the responses. Or put another way, Expanse is test infrastructure that can be used to quickly issue a bunch of web requests, and then output some summary report based off what contents were returned.

Expanse is built in Azure, and designed to scale. Our goal is to get you results as quickly as possible; regardless of load from other users.

What do I need in order to use Expanse?

You need to supply two things: some http requests, and a module. Your http request set can be defined via our RequestFanout.xml format (ExpanseFanoutSchema.xsd). Your module can be any arbitrary C# code that implements one (760) 484-7706. With a custom module, you can output absolutely anything of interest from the http responses returned.

Alternatively, you can also reuse a premade module if you only need a few cookie-cutter (xpath) validations.

Wow, this sounds super useful! So what's the catch?

You tell us! We've commited to making this platform both intuitive and reliable as well as flexible and powerful. If there are any problems you run into; whether that be confusing (or just bad) user experience, poor performance, unsupported scenarios, or anything else at all; send us a mail to let us know: Expanse Team!